Welcome to Nautilus 3D

A creative studio located in the heart of the pacific northwest serving the design community for over  15 years!



Nautilus3D offers innovative design solutions to the marine, architectural, and industrial design industries to help them navigate the ever changing world of 3d design and visualization technology


We help design, create, and promote their original ideas through out the entire design process. incorporating the latest 3d technology and delivering stunning presentation materials so they can rest assured their idea will be presented beautifully.


We offer a broad range of design services from 3d visualization and VR panoramas to production 3d modeling, and printing, NC Lofting and production 3d design.


With a long history of international projects we have been serving the design community faithfully for over 15 years. So take a look around and if you would like to see how we can help your company achieve its goals.. feel free to contact us anytime!


At Nautilus Studio we specialize in creating design packages that communicate your idea in a clear, concise, and beautifully rendered fashion. We offer a full range of 3d design services focusing on high end visualization, animation and virtual reality as well as 3d printing and model making. We keep up with the latest 3d trends and focus on creating incredible visual packages so you don’t have to.


3d modeling is standard practice throughout the yacht design industry but few companies harness its full potential. Starting early with 3d modeling as a prime design engine for your project allows us to work through more ideas faster, speeding up the design spiral and giving our clients more opportunities to add input earlier in the process.